Appreciation through homemade – Good for you, the environment and your conscience

Maybe you remember the feeling when you were a child and made your first paper plane that flew well? Or the first cake you baked yourself and happily gave to your mother for her birthday? You were not only happy, but you were also proud, proud of what you had achieved and created. That homemade food makes us happier, tastes better (when it comes to food) and even has positive effects on our self-image is standard psychological knowledge.[1] Nowadays, there are even origami therapies that are based precisely on these discoveries.[2] Homemade makes you proud, enriches you. It is simply something special, something that not everyone has and not everyone will have. But you can not only make your own food, gifts and folding art. This is also very easy with clothes thanks to the innovative, individual patterns from smartPATTERN. Just like the child with the paper plane, you’ll be beaming with pride over your own beautiful and fitted clothes. Just imagine a friend asking you where you bought your beautiful trousers. You can enthusiastically tell him that you didn’t buy them, but sewed them yourself.

Not only special, but sustainable as well

What’s especially nice about it all is that homemade, especially when it comes to clothes, is not only good for you, but also good for the environment. By choosing to sew your next pair of trousers or blouse yourself instead of buying them in a shop, you are actively doing something good for the environment. A normal pair of jeans, like the ones you find in the shop, travels an average of 50,000 kilometres[3] before you can try them on in a fitting room. And up to this point, we are only talking about the journey of the jeans. Bleaching agents used in production contaminate entire bodies of water. The way in which workers are often exploited in the tailoring of clothes also puts the crown on the whole thing. So by deciding to sew your next pair of trousers yourself, you are not only giving yourself pleasure, but you are also actively doing something against the exploitation of our planet.

Be proud of what you can do

You can be justifiably proud of something you’ve made yourself. When it comes to a pattern from smartPATTERN, you won’t just learn something in the process of tailoring. You’ll also realise how much fun it can be to tailor your clothes to your own measurements. At the End of the process you will have a piece that not only looks great on you, but reminds you of the process of creation every time you wear it. A feeling that will make you happy for a long time. And if you haven’t had it yet, maybe you’ll discover the enriching hobby of sewing along the way.

Find motivation and get going

What’s stopping you now from getting started and sewing your own clothes is perhaps your inner pig. And of course, simply going to a shop and getting the clothes you want or even ordering them online seems like less effort at first. But as with all enriching things in life, the hardest part is getting started and just doing it. But we at smartPATTERN don’t leave you alone in the sewing process With your order of an individual, custom-fit pattern you will also receive numerous step-by-step instructions in text, picture and video form. We’ll show you how to go about creating your new favourite piece. Even if you’ve never sewn anything before, it’s not an impossible task.  Learning to sew is fun and, as the saying goes, the journey is often the destination. With the patterns from smartPATTERN it’s not just the journey, because at the end of the journey you have your own individual, self-made garment that you can be really proud of. Sustainable, fairly produced and homemade. Be proud of yourself!